1. Scylla Basic Processes



  1. Start this time by applying a base layer of Harvester Flesh SFG-15 all over the face evenly.
  2. For the second layer we use Resurrection flesh SFG-14 and apply it on the areas of shade of the face below the eyebrows, cheeks, under the chin, etc.
  3. Finally we will add some pink tone to the shadows with Indian Shadow SC-23, also we’ll insist with more Moonray flesh SFG-17 on the areas of maximum light as  cheeks, chin, lips, forehead and nose.



1. To paint the eyes, we’ll start painting the oval with Flat Black SC-00, we’ll use black too for the smile.

2. After that, we’ll paint the eyeball with White Sands SC-09 leaving the black edge of the ovals to define the eyes, also we coat the smile with more White Sands SC-09 without covering the black of the fangs and between the teeth.

3. Finally, we’ll paint the iris with Brown Leather SC-31 to afterwards apply Sol Yellow SC-40 mixed with a little of Antares Red SC-37 to give an orangish tone. To finish, we paint the pupil as if it was a cat eye and we’ll end up adding some White SC-01 for a light source shine.



  1. We use Adriatic Blue SC-15 as a base color to paint the hair, the coat must be even.
  2. We’ll start marking the tufts with a mix of Deep Blue SC-55 and Adriatic Blue SC-15, applying the mix between them and over the shadow areas of the hair.
  3. Finally, on the highlights we’ll add some Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to the Adriatic Blue SC-15, remembering to add little by little some White SC-01 to the mix so the highlight won’t turn greenish. For the deepest shadows, we’ll use a mix between Deep Blue SC-55 and Inktensity Violet SC-82.



  1. The base color for the scales will be applied with Beherit Red SFG-05, Bering Blue SC-06 for the blue fabrics, and Black Leather SC-32 mixed with White Sands SC-09 to desaturate for the belts.
  2. Intensify the shadows of the scales with Antares Red SC-37, outlining the shadow under each scale. For the fabrics we’ll do a highlight adding just White Sands SC-09 to the Bering Blue SC-05 and the Black Leather SC-32.
  3. To finish, we’ll be adding Beherit Red SFG-05, Sol Yellow SC-40 and White SC-01 equally until we achieve the desired illumination. For the fabrics, we’ll add White SC-01 to keep highlightning them, and over the shadow areas we’ll insist with the base color to increase the feel of contrast.




  1. We coat everything with a uniform layer of Brown Leather SC-31.
  2. Add Sahara yellow SC-11 to the Brown Leather SC-31 for the second layer.
  3. The third and last layer will be applied with Sahara Yellow SC-11 trying to simulate the typical shines of a metal surface. To finish accentuating the effect we’ll use Lilith yellow SFG-09 to outline.




  1. We’ll start with a uniform base layer of Brown Leather SC-31 all over the trident.
  2. To start defining the color we’ll use Mars Orange SC-38 starting to sketch the metal shines.
  3. We’ll make a couple of highlights adding Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to the Mars Orange SC-38 until we use pure Lilith Yellow painting the shines on the edges.

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