1. Reiko Takeda Basic Processes



  1. Over the white primer apply a shade with Basic Flesh SC-20. Don’t cover all the area because the idea is to give the feeling of skin under the white makeup.
  2. The first highlights of the face are made with Pale Skin SC-17.
  3. Continue lightening by adding Purity White SFG-01. At this point it’s convenient to paint the base color of the hair and eyebrows to appreciate the White tone. Otherwise the unpainted zones may confuse us.
  4. To start with the color makeup apply a glaze of Baal Crimson SFG-04 under the eyebrows without painting the upper eyelid and cheeks.
  5. Repeat the process until we reach the desired color intensity. It’s better to do it by marking lightly several times since on a White base is very easy to go too far.
  6. With Baal Crimson SFG-04 we paint the lips.



  1. Apply a base layer of Tenere Yellow SC-10 coating the fabric uniformly.
  2. The next step is tos hade and apply color progressively. To do so, we use Sol Yellow SC-40 that we’ll darken with Kalahari Orange SC-14 and Inktense Wood SC-80.
  3. The last highlights are achieved by mixing Tenere Yellow SC-10 Sun Yellow SC-40 and are applied to the top of wrinkles.



  1. Apply a base color with Abyssal Blue SC-08 and subsequently the we coat the central area with White SC-01 respecting the edges.
  2. Place the gaze by painting two dots where the eyes will be.
  3. Paint the iris with Irati Green SC-43 is painted iris leaving a small dark border around.
  4. Add Sun Yellow SC-40 and Yellow Tenere SC-10 to the Irati Green to lighten the iris.
  5. Paint the pupil with Decay Black SFG-00.
  6. With a little bit of White SC-01 placed a dot to simulate the reflection.



  1. To get the look of copper we apply a base layer of Kalahari Orange SC-14 that we’ll lighten mixing Tenere Yellow SC-10
  2. We shade in the opposite direction that we lightened with a mixture of Kalahari Orange SC-14 and Inktense Chestnut SC-81. We also shade the surfaces of the gun that are in a shadow area with this mixture.
  3. Finally we outline all the edges with SC-10 Yellow Tenere.