2. Patty Wrench Level Up!



  1. We start with a base layer of Orange Leather SC-28 to start defining the color of the lens of the glasses.
  2. We will continue adding a mix of  Brown Leather SC-31 and Violet Inktense SC-81 to Orange Leather SC-28 towards the shade area and adding some Antares Red SC-37 for the highlight zone.
  3. We will finish recreating the magnifying effect with an outlining of White SC-01 on the upper part of the crystal and for the lower zone we will make a couple of highlights to Antares Red SC-37 with a mixture of Sol Yellow SC-40 and Lilith Yellow SFG-09  until applying an outlining of Lilith Yellow SFG-09 only.




  1. We will use a base layer of Deep Blue SC-55 to start on the lens, apply a few layers to cover everything well.
  2. We will start to increase the light towards the bottom of the crystal mixing Deep Blue SC-55 with Sol Yellow SC-40 so we will be creating a rather green color.
  3. Finally, we will add a light spot and an outlining at the top with White SC-01 and after a couple of more highlights to the green tone of the previous mixture we will add more Sol Yellow SC-40 and finish outlining the bottom with a mix of Sol Yellow SC-40 and SC-01 White.

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