1. Patty Wrench Basic Processes



  1. We start with a base color of Resurrection Fest Flesh SFG-14, applying the necessary layers to cover all well.
  2. Continue with a first highlight of Harvester Flesh SFG-15 applying it directly on the forehead, cheeks and chin, leaving visible some parts of the base layer.
  3. Finally end up illuminating the face by applying on the cheekbones, nose, eyelids and chin a maximum highlight of Moonray Flesh SFG-17.




  1. For the eye we will start filling the eyeball first with a layer of Black SC-00 and then a layer of White Sands SC-09 respecting the edges.
  2. Now we will start to define the iris and its color, we will use Inktense Violet SC-82 for the iris, being careful with the amount we take with the brush.
  3. To finish the eye, mix Inktense Violet SC-82 with White SC-01 to mark the light of the iris, with a pinpoint of Black SC-00 paint the pupil and with pure White SC-01 we will paint the reflect of the spotlight on the top.




  1. For the hair we will start with a mixture of inktense Red SC-85 and Antares Red SC-37 over white. We will apply a pair of layers, no more, we don’t want to cover completely.
  2. For the second layer, opacity will be important so give the necessary layers to cover the locks with a mixture of Inktense Red SC-85 and White SC-01.
  3. For the final highlight on the locks, we will stain White SC-01 with a little of Inktense Red SC-85 to enhance the intensity of the colors of the previous layers.




  1. We start with a base layer of Black Leather SC-32, trying to cover well with the layers as needed.
  2. Start lightning up mixing a little Shahara Yellow SC-11 to the Black Leather SC-32, leaving a predominant purple tone.
  3. For the outlining and cuts add White SC-01 to the previous mixture with the preferred amount to light up.




  1. For the wrench we will start with a layer of Brown Leather SC-31 covering all well.
  2. Continue applying highlights mixing Shahara Yellow SC-11 and Leather Bronw SC-31 a few times adding more Shahara Yellow SC-11 each time. To intensify the shadows we can add some Inktense Violet SC-81 to the Leather Brown SC-31 always keeping a brown tone.
  3. To finish simulating the metallic sheen we will continue with Shahara Yellow SC-11 only and will make 2 or 3 more highlights by adding Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to the Yellow Shahara SC-11 until just outline with Lilith Yellow SFG-09, this way we get to simulate the metallic sheen we want.




  1. We start by choosing the two colors to paint the cap, in my case as a base color I chose a mix of Brown Leather SC-31 and Indian Shadow SC-23 for the red parts and Deep Blue SC-55 for blue ones.
  2. To start defining where will the highlights be on the hat, apply a layer of Indian Shadow SC-23 on the red zones and a mix of Deep Blue SC-55 and Adriatic Blue Sc-15 on the blue ones.
  3. As a final highlight for the hat, we will end up with Indian Shadow SC-23 and White SC-01 to finish the red areas and Adriatic Blue SC-15 for the blue ones. It is very important, to give the illusion of a foam material, to extend the light, ie, to color quite big strips.


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