1. Octopiti & Rafter Basic Processes



  1. The base coat will be made mixing Boreal Green SC-42 with Rainy Gray SC-60.
  2. The first highlight will be applied keeping the green tone when required adding Boreal Green SC-42 to the mix as we continue adding Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to lighten up.
  3. Finally we will apply, on areas where light incide the most, Lilith Yellow SFG-09 only.



  1. Start painting with SC-00 Black the octopus eyeball and then we’ll fill it with White Sands SC-09 respecting the black edges.
  2. Mark the iris with Sunset Purple SC-33 making a small iris.
  3. After drawing the pupil with Black SC-00 and mark the lightspot from the light source with White SC-01 we will add a bit of White Sands SC-09 to Purple Sunset SC-33 for the light reflection on the bottom of the iris.




  1. We will start to draw the stains making irregular trapezoids making them smaller each time toward the edges with Deep Blue SC-55.
  2. For a first highlight add some Adriatic Blue SC-15 to the previous Deep Blue SC-55, lightening up the top of the trapezoids.
  3. Finally we will add Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to the previous mixture on top of these trapezoids to finish enlighten them up.




  1. To start we cover all the skin with Deep Blue SC-55 giving the necessary layers to cover all well.
  2. We will do some shade outlinings with inktense Violet SC-82 and start to enlighten the color with Adriatic Blue SC-15.
  3. To finish to illluminate all the skin  we will add Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to the previously used Adriatic Blue SC-15 over the areas where light incides the most.




  1. The base color for our underwater crystal will be Black Forest Green SC-41.
  2. For the first reflections on the glass we will add Spring Green SC-47 to Black Forest Green SC-41.
  3. As outlining and end point we use Spring Gree SC-47 mixed with Sol Yellow SC-40 and some Yellow Lilith SFG-09.




  1. The base color for all the scuba helmet will be Brown Leather SC-31. We will have to cover well applying several layers.
  2. To start illuminating add a little Inktense Chestnut SC-81 to Mars Orange SC-39 and apply directly over the whole scuba helmet metal.
  3. To finish illuminating we will make all the highlights needed by adding Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to the previous mixture until simply apply Lilith Yellow SFG-09. Do not forget to simulate some scratches.

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