1. Mirabella Miller Basic Processes


  1. We begin with a base color of Harvester Flesh SFG-15 applying it evenly but with more emphasis on the areas of light.
  2. Second, we’ll apply Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 all over the shadow areas, trying to degrade as much as possible between light and shadow.
  3. Finally, we’ll apply a mixture of Indian Shadow SC-23 and Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 on the maximum shade áreas and with Deep Red SC-35 we will paint little points to simulate freckles.


  1. To begin, we’ll paint with Black SC-00 the whole eye socket and the eyelashes, we can also do a fine line on the lower lid, once this is done, we’ll proceed to fill the eyeball’s white with White Sands SC-09.
  2. Now we define the direction of the gaze by drawing firstly the circle representing the iris with Deep Blue SC-55 and then filling this with Blue Adriatic SC-15 focusing more on the bottom.
  3. Finally we draw the pupil with Black SC-00 and we add two points of light, one up and one down, with White SC-01.



  1. This time we have chosen a redhead mane, so we’ll start to paint it with Mars Orange SC-39.
  2. Now we will add more intensity by adding to the Mars Orange SC-39, some Inktensity Chestnut SC-81 and Antares Red SC-37, we will apply this mix especially in the shadow areas and between the strands of hair.
  3. Finally we will mix Mars Orange SC-39 and Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to simulate the hair’s shine, perhaps adding a bit of Sol Yellow SC-40 if the mixture de-saturates too much.



  1. For darker areas we used as the base color Deep Blue SC-55 and for areas that later will become clearer the base color is Hiril Blue SFG-33.
  2. As first highlight we will simply add White SC-01 to the colors used in the previous step, you must be very careful not to add too much.
  3. We’ll start painting the edge of the skirt with Deep Blue SC-55 and enlightening as if it was the belt, the belt will have a little more of White SC-01 to the mix and on the skirt we’ll apply pure White SC-01.



  1. We’ll start with a base color made with Brown Leather SC-31 and Inktensity Chestnut SC-81 to add intensity to brown.
  2. Start illuminating with Sahara Yellow SC-10 applied a few times with the previous mix.
  3. Finally we’ll apply a first layer mixing Sahara yellow SC-10 with Lilith Yellow SFG-09 and a second layer only with Lilith yellow SFG-09.



  1. We’ll start with a base color of Black SC-00.
  2. As first layer we’ll use Rainy Gray SC-60 respecting the shadows areas.
  3. We’ll end up outlining the wheel with White Sands SC-09 and make a stippling on the smoke with White SC-01.