1. Matt Darcy Basic Processes



  1. Cover the surface of the boots applying a uniform base coat with Eclipse Grey SC-16
  2. The first highlight will be done applying Graphite SC-03. Use a little more diluted paint than the one used for the base coat but do not forget to unload the brush on an absorbent paper so the paint won’t slide like a drop of water.
  3. Apply a last highlight with Rainy Gray SC-60.




  1. For the copper metal use a base coat of Sharpnel Red SFG-36 and for the golden parts the base will be Arbuckles Brown SFG-34.
  2. For the final highlights we will use Blackert Brown SFG-40 on the copper zones and Peanut Butter SFG-39 for the golden ones.
  3. The first highlight of the copper parts will be made with Chink Orange SFG-37 and with Cokum Copper SFG-38 for the golden parts.




  1. The base coat is made with a layer of Deep Blue SC-55 for the blue parts and Brown Leather SC-31 for the orange ones.
  2. We do a first highlight on the lower part and the edges of the hat with Cantabric Blue SC-53 for the blue parts and with Orange Leather SC-28 for the orange ones.
  3. As a final highlight we’ll apply Adriatic Blue SC-15 on the blue parts and Orange Mars SC-39 on the orange ones, and we’ll give a general shade with Eclipse Grey SC-16 over the upper zone.




  1. Apply a base coat of Resurrection Flesh SFG-14. Being a large area you may need to give several layers to cover uniformly.
  2. We will apply some Harvester Flesh SFG-15 as a first highlight on eyelids, cheekbones and chin.
  3. As a final highlight we’ll apply Moonray Flesh SFG-17 in the highest parts of the areas listed in point 2.




  1. We will apply a base coat of Deep Blue SC-55 for the suit and Deep Red SC-35 for the shirt.
  2. For the first highlight we use Cantabric Blue SC-53 for the suit and Antares Red SC-37 for the shirt.
  3. To illuminate more both clothes we will use Adriatic Blue SC-15 for the suit and Aldebaran Red SC-38 for the shirt.




  1. To paint the eyeball we use White Sands SC-09 respecting the edge of the eye leaving a black line.
  2. Paint the iris drawing a circle with Brown Leather SC-31.
  3. To complete the eye we will first paint the pupil with Black SC-00, then we will simulate a light sparkle on the top with White SC-01 and the reflection of the iris with Sahara Yellow SC-11.

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