1. Magda von Shrapnel Basic Processes



  1. The first step is to coat the eyeball with Black SC-00 and then cover it with White SC-01 respecting the edges. It is important that the eye stripe is visible.
  2. As a second step we draw the iris with Deep Blue SC-55 and Black SC-00, thereby defining the direction in which the miniature will look. The upper lid is colored with Braineater Azure SFG-12 to simulate makeup. Applying Pale Skin SC-17 mixed with Braineater Azure apply a highlight on the eyelid.
  3. Finally, and in the following order, stain the iris with Deep Blue SC-55 and then illuminate it with Adriatic Blue SC-15. Draw a circle as a pupil with Black SC-00. Then with White SC-01 add a dot to represent the characteristic shine of an eye on the top right area. Finally paint the bottom left area of the iris with a mixture of Adriatic Blue SC-15 and White SC-01.



  1. Apply a base coat on all the hair with yellow Lilith SFG-17.
  2. Use a mixture of Shahara Yellow SC-11 and Inktensity Chestnut to shade. It is better to applyseveral layers tan trying to do it in one time.
  3. Finally using Inktensity Chestnut SC-81 and Brown Leather SC-31 outline the zones between the different strands.



  1. Apply a base coat with Bosh Chestnut SFG-35 and some Inktense Black SC-39
  2. The next step is to illuminate mixing Bosh Chestnut SFG-35 and Brown Gray SC-59.
  3. The last highlights are achieved by adding Mohave White SC-62 to the previous mixture.



  1. Apply a base coat with Despair Green SFG-43. The golden ornaments have been painted with a base coat of Sharpnel Red SFG-36.
  2. The first highlights of the helmet are illuminated with Innsmouth Blue SFG-46. The ornaments’ highlights have been made using Peanut Butter SFG-39.
  3. Finally, the lightest areas of the helmet, are achieved by applying Ténéré Yellow SC-10 mixed with Innsmouth Blue SFG-46. For the golden we use Lilith Yellow SFG-09 mixed with Peanut Butter SFG-39 to illuminate and the last highlight is painted with Lilith Yellow only.



  1. Apply Deep Red SC-35 as base color.
  2. Keeping the darkest zone in the upper area make a gradient with Baal Crimson SFG-04, Beherit Red SFG-05 and Orange Tiamat SFG-06 lightening in several steps. It is important to outline the top of the circle to give the illusion of glass.
  3. Apply a final highlight to the bottom with Lilith Yellow SFG-09 and paint one or two white dots on top to simulate the reflection.



  1. Apply a base coat of Black SC-00.
  2. The first highlight will be made adding Eclipse Grey SC-16 over most of the weapon.
  3. For the last highlight add White SC-01 to the previous mixture. Outline the edges and draw a metallic shine with pure white.