2. Kitty Reimer Level Up!



  1. This time the base color will serve as shade for the hair, we’ll apply a base layer of Bloodfest Crimson SFG-11 focusing especially on covering the hair gaps.
  2. For a first highlight use Deep Reed SC-35 respecting the hair gaps and leaving visible the previous base layer to give a feeling of light reflected on the hair.
  3. We continue lightening up the light that falls on the hair with a mixture of Antares Red SC-37 and Tiamat Orange SFG-06 using the little satin finish of this last paint reference to increase the sense of reflection.
  4. We increase even more the light each time in a smaller strip adding Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to the previous mixture of Antares Red SC-37 and Tiamat Orange SFG-06, calibrating the mixture to not take saturation to the orange red that we want to achieve, this will be achieved by adding more Tiamat Orange SFG-06 if the color begins to turn into something more rosy.
  5. For the final highlight we make a little reflection and outline with Lilith Yellow SFG-09 mixed with Tiamat Orange SFG-06 without losing the orange color.

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