1. Kitty Reimer Basic Processes



  1. As a base color we will use Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 making sure to cover evenly the entire face.
  2. We will increase the contrast between lights and shadow by highlighting the forehead, the eyelids, upper lip, chin and cheekbones with Flesh Harvester SFG-15, in the same way, we darken the zones of maximum shade using a mixture of Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 and Indian Shadow SC -23 to add a little hue and tone to the face.
  3. Finally we illuminate the whole with a final highlight of Moonray Flesh SFG-17 on the previously lighten up areas.





  1. The first step consists in covering the eyeball with Black SC-00 first and then covering it with White SC-01 respecting the edges. It’s important that the eye lines is noticeable.
  2. As a second step we draw the iris with Deep Blue SC-55 defining this way the direction of the eyes and then we will start tinting the iris adding Green Irati SC-43 to the previously used Deep Blue SC-55.
  3. Finally, in the following order, we draw a circle as a pupil with Black SC-00, then we add a dot to represent the characteristic shine of an eye on the top right with White SC-01 and finally we paint the iris lower left zone with Irati Green SC-43.




  1. As base color for the hair apply a layer of Bloodfest Crimson SFG-11 focusing especially on hair creases.
  2. For a first highlight of color and light use Deep Reed SC-35 respecting the hair creases and leaving visible the previous base layer to give the feeling of reflection.
  3. Finally give a final light with a mix of network Antares SC-37 and Tiamat orange SFG-06 using the latter tone satin paint to increase the sense of reflection.




  1. We start with a base coat of an intermediate tone with Shahara Yellow SC-11, covering everything as possible.
  2. For the second step start shading mixing Shahara Yellow SC-11 and little Brown Leather SC-31 trying not to darken too much, and apply the mixture toward the shade areas. Once shaded, we’ll lighten up back with Shahara Yellow SC-11.
  3. To illuminate the hat, apply two layers, the first one is made by mixing Shahara Yellow SC-11 with Lilith Yellow SFG-09 and the second one, with which practically we just outline, will be only Lilith Yellow SFG-09..





  1. We start with a dark base color, Sahara Yellow SC-11 mixed with Inktense Chestnut SC-81.
  2. We proceed now to illuminate outlining the edges and make small stains and cuts in the leather jacket with Shahara Yellow SC-11 to give it a worn look.
  3. Lighten up all these cuts and stains very slightly with some touches and outlinings of Lilith Yellow SFG-09.


  1. Start painting the shirt with a base color of Petrolium Grey SC-57, it is important to cover well the whole garment because it will be the predominant tone, do not leave even one nook uncovered.
  2. The first highlight will be made with a mixture of Eclipse Grey SC-16 with a pinch of Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to tint the garment with a green tone.
  3. For the last highlight do the previous mixture, but this time with a greater amount of Lilith Yellow SFG-09 than Eclipse Grey SC-16, outlining the edges and ridges of the shirt mainly.

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