1. Kelly Kraken Basic Processes



  1. Start painting the eyeball with Black SC-00 and then coat it with a layer or two of White Sands SC-09 respecting the Black SC-00 on the edges. Also start to define the direction of the glance with a mixture of Black SC-00 and Inktensity Violet SC-82.
  2. We will do a first highlight to the iris respecting the color below simulating the pupil, we will do that with a mix of Inktensity Violet SC-82 and White Sands SC-09 applying it in a crescent shape.
  3. Finally do the glitter of light with a tiny dot of White SC-01 at the top of the crescent.



  1. The base layer is applied to the face with Bering Blue SC-06, applying several layers if necessary to coat everything correctly.
  2. The first highlight will be made with Moonray Flesh SFG-17 mixed with Bering Blue SC-06 applying the mixture on the cheeks, nose, forehead, eyelids and chin. In this case we also intensify the color of the cheeks with some glazes of Deep Blue SC-55 towards down in very thin layers and diluted with water of this color.
  3. Finally to finish illuminating the face we’ll make a mixture of 75% of Moonray Flesh SFG-17 and 25% Bering Blue SC-06 applying it more smoothly through all the areas named in the previous step.




  1. We choose the red color to paint the hair, so the base color will be Antares Red SC-37, apply it evenly throughout the hair. Also start marking the tufts using Inktensity Violet SC-82 between them.
  2. Now we’ll highlight and shade the hair’s light. To start highlighting we’ll add Sol Yellow SC-40 to the Antares Red SC-37, and when it starts to look like orange add white. To lower the shade, simply use a mixture of Antares Red SC-37 and  Inktensity Violet SC-82 and apply it towards the areas of shade.
  3. We will apply the last highlight with Moonray Flesh SFG-17 on the central strip of the fringe from side to side.




  1. The base that we are going to use can be made with Black SC-00 and Inktensity Violet SC-82, when we have the mix done, we coat the entire cap well, without leaving uncoated spots.
  2. We start illuminating the hat mixing Inktense Violet SC-82 and Bloodfest Crimson SFG-11, as we increase more and more the highlight we’ll add White SC-01 and we’ll play with the previous mixture by adding more of one or the other as we estimate necessary.
  3. To keep following the scale of light, keep adding White SC-01 to the mixture of the previous step, but taking care to not completely desaturate the color purple.




  1. We begin by applying a base color of Deep Blue SC-55 all over the tentacles taking care of not leaving any spot without coating.
  2. To start to give color to the tentacles we’ll mix Deep Blue SC-55 with Lilith Yellow SFG-09 and we’ll start to apply it on the central areas of the tentacles to start marking volumes. The area of ​​the suction cups will be painted with a mixture of Deep Blue SC-55 and  Sun Yellow SC-40 with a little White SC-01 to desaturate and lighten the green.
  3. The next highlight is done with the above mixture, but adding more Lilith Yellow SFG-09 and also a bit of White SC-01, it shall be applied on the more central parts of the tentacles to achieve the appearance of a cylinder.




  1. The base to use for the skull will be made with Brown Leather SC-31 and Iroko SC-27 making sure to coat the entire scalp well.
  2. To begin to give a more sensation of bone to the skull, to the above mixture we’ll add Birch SC-25 and we’ll apply it over the areas that are starting to get more light, leaving the temples or the area below the cheekbones uncoated.
  3. We’ll finish the bone with the latest highlight applied with Birch SC-25 only on the eye sockets, teeth, cheeks, central bone and upper area.

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