1. Jane Copperpot Basic Processes



  1. First let’s start with a homogeneous layer of Resurrection Flesh SFG-14.
  2.  Will make the first highlight with a coat over her chin, upper lip, cheeks, nose and forehead with Flesh Harvester SFG-15. We’ll lower the highlight a little with a mixture on the cheeks of Indian Shadow SC-23.
  3. For the last step we will give a very thin layer of Moonay Flesh SFG-17 on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.



  1. First, we will paint the eyeball with Abyss Blue SC-06.
  2. Second, we paint the eye within the limits of the eyeball with White Sands SC-09. Also we draw the iris with Abyss Blue SC-06.
  3. Finally, with Flat Black SC-01 draw the pupil and start painting the iris with Blue Adriatic SC-15, we will make a couple of highlights towards the bottom of the iris with Sun Yellow SC-40, adding more of it each time. Finally with White SC-00 we will paint the glitter that simulates the light source in the upper right part of the iris.




  1. Start coloring the hair blending Brown Leather SC-31 with Inktensity Black SC-79 to create a solid base.
  2. We start to outline the strands of hair using Brown Leather SC-31 only.
  3. To finish marking the strands we’ll make the final highlight with a mixture of Shahara Yellow SC-11, Brown Leather SC-31 and SC-81 Inktensity Chestnut, we will apply it only in the ends and in the center of the strands.




  1. The base color to be used for the hat will be Shahara Yellow cap SC-11, giving the necessary number of layers to cover well the entire cap.
  2. We’ll mark where the shades will be with a mixture of Shahara Yellow SC-11 and some Inktensity Chestnut SC-81 and Leather Brown SC-31, apply them between the panels of the cap, the edges and the entire back of this.
  3. To finish, we’ll mix the Shahara Yellow SC-11 with Lilith Yellow SFG-09 and outline the panels and give a little light to the front.




  1. We start with the base colors for the rifle, which will be, Deep Blue SC-55 mixed with Inktensity Black SC-79 for the barrel, Brown Leather SC-31 for the brass parts of the rifle and Brown Leather SC-31 mixed with Inktensity Black SC -79 for the butt of the rifle.
  2. We’ll start to highlight the barrel with Bering Blue SC-06, marking the line of brightness. On the copper areas we’ll begin to simulate the brightness of these with Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 and on the wooden butt we’ll apply Brown Leather SC-31 only.
  3. To finish with the light on the barrel do a line with Nacar SC-02 simulating the brightness of a polished metal. On the brass we end up with a mixture of Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 and Flesh Harvester SFG-15, also simulating the brightness of these. On the butt we add some Shahara Yellow SC-11 to the Brown Leather SC-31 we used before and illuminate the edge with the mixture.




  1. We start painting the color of the glasses with African Shadow SC-24.
  2. Now we begin to make the magnifying effect with Purple Sunset SC-33, applied to the bottom right area of the glass.
  3. Now to finish, we use Moon Ray Flesh SFG-17 to paint the edges of the crystal and a little more on the area that we illuminated in the previous step. We will also make a spot with White SC-00 simulating the light source.

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