1. Duane van der Shark Basic Processes



  1. We’ll use a base layer of Nacar SC-02 for the shirt and Deep Blue SC-55 for the blue stripes.
  2. We’ll continue shading the whole mixing Black Leather SC-32 to all the colors, this way we’ll generate a more natural shadow. On the blue stripes, we’ll add Adriatic Blue SC-15 for highlights.
  3. Then we’ll outline the stripes on the sides and upper edges with pure Adriatic Blue SC-15 for the blue ones, and pure White SC-01 for the white ones.



  1. Start applying a base coat of Deep Blue SC-55 all over the skin evenly, it doesn’t matter if we don’t coat everything well enough as lately it will because of the opacity of the successive layers.
  2. The first highlight will be made with Adriatic Blue SC-15 adding Sol Yellow SC-40 depending on the areas.
  3. To all the previous colors (Deep Blue SC-55, Adriatic Blue SC-15 and that little bit of Sol Yellow SC-40 to get a greenish tone for the skin) we’ll add Nacar SC-02.



  1. For the eyes, we’ll start with a base coat of Deep Red SC-35. For the teeth, mix Flat Black SC-00, Inktensity Wood SC-80 and Nacar SC-02, creating a dark tone for the base color. For the skin around the mouth we’ll use just Nacar SC-02.
  2. The second layer for the eyes will be applied with Antares Red SC-37. For the teeth, we’ll add more Nacar SC-02 to the mix we made before. On the skin aroun the mouth we’ll use very diluted Black Leather SC-30 to shade the area.
  3. To finish the eye, we’ll draw an iris in the red eyeball with Sol Yellow SC-40. On the mouth, we’ll highlight the most prominent zones with White SC-01. On the teeth, we’ll end up applying Nacar SC-02 straight from the bottle and adding some dots with White SC-01 on the upper areas of those.



  1. Start painting the trousers with a nice layer of Black Leather SC-32.
  2. Next use Red Leather SC-30 to start lighten up the trousers, painting the wrinkles and the upper area of the butt.
  3. For the last layer, we’ll end up illuminating with Antares Red SC-37 mixed with Red Leather SC-30.




  1. This time we’ll simulate a brilliant bronze starting with a base layer of Brown Leather SC-31, taking care to coat all the nooks.
  2. The second layer will be applied with several glazes of Mars Orange SC-38 starting to simulate the shines of a worn metal surface as if it was scratched tracing thin lines with the brush.
  3. Finally we’ll make a mix of Mars Orange SC-38 and Lilith Yellow SFG-09 and we’ll be adding more Lilith Yellow SFG-09 as we want to illuminate more and more. It’s also recommended to use Antares Red SC-37 if we appreciate that the mix gets too desaturated. To end up the shines, we’ll add a little dot with White SC-01 over the vertexes. On the corners where we left the Brown Leather SC-31 of the base layer and on the screws and some joints, we’ll proceed to simulate the oxide with Adriatic Blue SC-15.




  1. The base coat for the hat will be Nacar SC-02.
  2. For the second layer, we’ll lighten up towards the center of the hat with White SC-01, on the sides we’ll lower the light unto grey with Flat Black SC-00.
  3. Lastly, we’ll paint the stripe in the middle first with Deep Red SC-35 and then we’ll illuminate the center area with Antares Red SC-37. We’ll paint the anchor with Mars Orange SC-38.

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