2. Dr. Morsiarty Level Up!



  1. We’ll start by coating with Brown Leather SC-31 the cane’s handle and its filigrees, for the blade and the cane’s body we’ll use Black SC-00 as base color.
  2. The first highlight will be applied on the gold in a non-metallic style with Shahara Yellow SC-11, for the blade we’ll use a mix of Rainy Grey Sc-60 and Deep Blue SC-55 with some Black SC-00, on the cane’s body we’ll use White SC-01 applying it as a horizontal line over it.
  3. Finally, over the Golden parts we’ll end up higlighting with Lilith lilith Yellow SFG-09 a couple of times adding more and more of it to the Shahara Yellow SC-11. For the edge, to the above mixture we’ll add White SC-01 to continue simulating the reflection of light on the metal.


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