1. Dr. Morsiarty Basic Processes



  1. We start with a base layer mixing Inktense violet SC-82 with Indian Shadow SC-23 and Black SC-00 covering well the whole suit.
  2. The highlight will be done by adding Moonray Flesh SFG-17 to the previous mix 2 times, each time clearer before moving to the next step.
  3. Finally we’ll give the suit an Italian twist with some stripes we’ll do with Rainy Grey SC-60.




  1. We start covering all the skin with a base layer of Leather Brown SC-31 trying to coat well the entire face.
  2. We do a first highlight mixing Moonray Flesh SFG-17 and Yellow Shahara SC-11 to the Brown Leather SC-31 that we have applied as a base layer, that way we’ll lighten up consistently.
  3. To end up, we will do the next highlight with more Moonray Flesh SFG-17 added to the previous mixture.




  1. The base color that we will use for the mustache will be applied with Walnut SC-29 coating well all gaps between the hair, as this will be our base color.
  2. The first highlight will be made with Rainy Grey SC-60 respecting the gaps between the hairs so you can see the darker color underneath.
  3. To give more volume to the mustache we’ll make 2 more highlights adding more White Sands SC-03 to each of the mixtures we do with the Rainy Grey SC-60. It is very important to mark only the undulations of the mustache.




  1. We start with a base color of Boreal Green SC-42 for both, starting to lighten up a little the monocle’s crystal with Sun Yellow SC-40 added to that green.
  2. For the crystal we’ll continue adding  Sol Yellow SC-40 to the Boreal Green SC-42, but for the scarf we’ll just use White SC-01 to keep highlighting it.
  3. On the scarf we’ll lighten up even more the mixture of Boreal Green SC-42 with White SC-01 and we outline the edges of the folds. On the gem and the monocle’s crystal we’ll end up to intensify the light applying Sun Yellow SC-40 with a little White SC-01 over the crystal’s sparkle’s edge and in the center of the sphere, we will add a sparkle to the crystal with a little dot of White SC-01.



partes doradas

  1. We apply a simple base coat of Brown Leather SC-31 on the monocle´s chain, on the monocle and on the clasp.
  2. The first highlight will be done with Sahara Yellow SC-11 starting to simulate the gold glitter.
  3. The final sparkles will be simulated with Lilith Yellow SFG-09, outlining all the edges.




  1. Over an applied base of Inktense Chestnut Sc-81 and Black SC-00 apply a mixture of Shahara Yellow SC-11 and Brown Leather SC-31 with the previous mixture as stripes simulating the tusk’s wear.
  2. Now just apply Shahara Yellow SC-11 mixed with Iroko SC-27 on stripes to define them even more.
  3. Finally we’ll end up defining the fang’s wear stripes with Birch SC-25 mixed with Iroko SC-27 so it is not so white.

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  1. Really do like the smog rider range, and have Dr Morsiarty as the next thing in my painting list. Just wondering if there are any guides on how to do his hat? Or if this has been covered in one of the other guides (and if so which one 🙂 )

    Thanks for this, and I am really looking forward to giving this guy a go.

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