1. Clawfinger Jack Basic Processes



  1. On a white-over-black primer we’ll start with a base layer of Moonray Flesh SG-17 applied only on the upper areas.
  2. As second layer we will apply Flesh Resurrection SFG-14 on all the below areas.
  3. In this step we will add more realism to the face by applying some colors like the simulated beard, by the sides of the face, chin and upper lip mixing Black SC-00 in a very tiny quantity with Resurrection Flesh SFG- 14. For the expression lines and the nose and frown area we’ll use Mayhem Red SFG-03 very diluted in washes.
  4. Now we clean up and enlighten again with glazes on areas where we applied the tones with Moonray Flesh SFG-17 taking care not to get into the expression lines or cover the beard’s shadow. We also paint the teeth with Lilith Yellow SFG-09 and we do a make up as we like with Black SC-00. Fort he lip, I used Indian Shadow SC-23, painting the highlights adding Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 and Moonray Flesh SFG-17 for the last highlight.
  5. To finish we’ll enlighten the make up mixing Black SC-00 with Inktensity Violet SC-82 and a little White SC-01. We can also add some spots of light with pure White SC-01 in areas with more light. We can also give some tones to the skin with glazes of Inktensity Wood SC-80 very very diluted on the opposite sides where we applied the Mayhem Red SC-03.



  1. Some Brown Leather SC-31 as the base color for the golden parts.
  2. We’ll start to enlighten it mixing progressively Sahara Yellow SC-10 to the  Brown Leather SC-31.
  3. Finally to finish illuminating the bells we’ll apply Lilith Yellow SFG-09 and some Little spot of light with White SC-01.




  1. Base layer with Black SC-00.
  2. We begin to sketch the skull with Rainy Gray SC-60.
  3. Finally we finished it with White SC-01.



  1. For the red color, we’ll start with a base layer of Deep Red SC-35.
  2. We’ll make higlights adding Antares Red SC-37.
  3. Finally we’ll enlighten everything with mixtures of Antares Red SC-37 with Sol Yellow SC-40 and White SC-01 taking care that the mixture doesn’t turn pink but we are not the mixture turns pink color but salmon-colored.



  1. We start with a base of Brown Leather SC-31.
  2. A second layer of Mars Orange SC-38 over the Brown Leather base, probably we will need a few layers to cover it properly.
  3. Finally we paint reflections and highlights with a mixture of Mars Orange SC-38 and Lilith Yellow SFG-09.