1. Charlotte Page Basic Processes



  1. We apply a base coat all over the hair with Shahara Yellow SC-11, taking special care to coat all well, applying several layers if necessary.
  2. We will decrease the Light on the hair adding between the strands and over the shadow areas a mixture of Shahara Yellow SC-11 and Inktensity Chestnut SC-81 and Brown Leather SC-31. It is better to do several layers of glazes than doing it in one only layer.
  3. Finally apply the last highlight doing two more highlights on the areas of light, the first is made by mixing Shahara Yellow SC-11 with Lilith yellow SFG-17 and once we’re done with those layers we apply only one last highlight with Lilith Yellow SFG- 17.



  1. We start covering the face with several layers of Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 to have it completely coated.
  2. We start by marking the volumes with Harvester Flesh SFG-15 on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and upper lip. Also we give some color to the cheeks with Indian Shadow SC-23 mixed with Resurrection Flesh SFG-14.
  3. We finish the highlights by adding more Moon Ray Flesh SFG-17 on the cheeks, nose, chin, upper lip and forehead, leaving it visible all the previous work.




  1. This time we start with a layer of White Sands SC-09 directly over the entire globe.
  2. We will continue marking the eyeball edges with Abyss Blue SC-08 and marking the iris of the eye with Brown Leather SC-31.
  3. To color we start with Yellow Shahara SC-11 over the Brown Leather SC-31 applied only about half of the iris, we will make another highlight with Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to finish highlighting. We paint the pupil with Flat Black SC-00 and simulate the bright spot of the light source with White SC-01.




  1. We chose Antares Red SC-37 to the base of the dress, putting special emphasis that all light areas will be covered.
  2. Now we paint the shadows and lower areas of the highlight zones with Deep Red SC-35, degrading on the areas of light and applying it directly on the shade.
  3. Finally we review the highlight areas with Antares Red SC-37 to make them with as much light as possible.




  1. We choose Black Forrest Green SC-41 for the base color of the book and Birch SC-25 for the pages, we also apply a base color of Brown Leather SC-31 on the corners covers.
  2. We lighten up the book covers mixing the Black Forrest Green SC-41 with a little of Adriatic Blue SC-15 and apply it gently at the top and outlining. On the pages we apply White Sands SC-09 and a little of Khalahari Orange SC-14 on the corners of the book.
  3. Finally we outline the corners of the book with Flesh Harvester SFG-15.




  1. We start to paint the canyon with a base layer of Abyss Blue SC-08 and Brown Leather for SC-31 the rest of the weapon.
  2. To start with the first highlights on the barrel we apply Bering Blue SC-06 with some Blue Abyss and Shahara Yellow SC-11 on the rest of the weapon.
  3. The highlights will be applied with Nacar SC-02 over the canyon as a line to simulate the last reflection of the cylinder and Lilith Yellow SFG-09 outlining the rest of the shotgun.

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