1. Boris Doroshenko Basic Processes



  1. Apply a base coat with Harvester Flesh SFG-15 it is very convenient to coat the entire face well. This color is very clear and it won’t be necessary to illuminate it more later.
  2. To shade we’ll start from Resurrection Flesh SFG-14. The lips, nose and temples will require special care. To add a touch of color you can add Mayhem Red SFG 03 to the Resurrection Flesh.
  3. Including Indian Shadow SC-23 in the previous mixture will add depth to the strongest shade areas, such as certain areas of the nose, lower lip and temple. The chin area is shaded lightly with a mixture of Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 and Hellbound Flesh SFG-16 to achieve a stubble feeling.



  1. The most important thing when drawing a striped pattern is that the distance between the stripes is uniform. On a white background, we draw lines with Blood Red SC-36 with a smaller thickness than the desired one trying to keep a constant distance between them.
  2. The next step is to adjust the lines to the desired thickness. Fort he red we keep using  Blood Red SC-36 and Brown Thar SC-61 for the White ones. It may be necessary to correct several times until the lines are all very similar and the pattern is even.
  3. Finally we apply a last highlight with a mixture of Antares Red SC-37 and Tiamat Orange SFG-06 to the red lines and White Sands SC-09 for the white ones.



  1. We begin with a base coat of Brown Leather SC-31.
  2. We continue now to illuminate adding Gobi Brown to the base color and making small stains and cuts on the leather with Sahara Yellow SC-11 to simulate a worn look.
  3. We’ll illuminate all those cuts and stains very slightly with some touches and outlines of Lilith Yellow SFG-09.



  1. We begin with a dark base coat of Kalahari Orange SC-14 mixed with Sharpnel Red SFG-36.
  2. For the second step we illuminate the areas with Kalahari Orange SC-14, lightening up gradually adding Mars Orange SC-39 .
  3. For the latest highlight and reflections we use a mixture of Tiemat Orange SFG-06 and Lilith Yellow SFG-09 to illuminate.



  1. Apply a base coat of Grey Petroleum base SC-57.
  2. The first highlight will be made mixing Eclipse Grey SC-16 with a pinch of Adriatic Blue SC-15 so that is dyed with a bluish tint.
  3. For the last highlight we add White SC-01 to the mixture and the edges are outlined with pure white.



  1. The first step is to coat the boots with a mix of Decay Black SFG-00.
  2. With Brown Leather SC-31 we apply the first highlight. If desired, you can add some Inktense Chesnut SC-81 to the previous color to enhance the shiny effect.
  3. Apply another highlight with Red Leather SC-30. Adding Pink Flesh SC-21 to the Red Leader we apply one last highlight on the boots areas of greatest wear.