2. Amelia Steam Level UP!



  1. For the cap we will use a mix of Brown Leather SC-31 and Inktense Black SC-79, Brown Leather SC-31 for glasses as a base color and Iroko SC-27 mixed with a little Brown Leather SC-31 for the glasses ribbon.
  2. We will apply a wash of a mixture of Inktense Black SC-79 and Inktense Chestnut SC-81 to everything to darken and get that bright characteristic of the leather.
  3. We continue illuminating with Brown Leather SC-31 for the cap, outlining the edges. We give a second base layer with Brown leather SC-31 mixed with Leather Orange SC-28 to the part of the glasses and insist with Iroko SC-27 for the ribbon doing this time some minor scratches.
  4. We will prepare the hat to give it the final texture by stippling with a mix of Brown Leather SC-31 and Leather Orange SC-28 plus Tenere Yellow SC-10 on the higher parts adding some other scratch on the lower areas. For the glasses we will mix Orange Leather SC-28 and Tenere Yellow SC-10 and do the same, highlighting the light areas rather stippling and randomly scratching a little. For the ribbon just mix a little Iroko SC-27 with Yellow Tenere SC-10 and outline.
  5. For the final highlight we will scratch making the area where more scratches coincide the light zone with Tenere Yellow SC-10 diluted with a small amount on the brush both for the hat and for the glasses, if it is very light, you always can nuance a little the color with the previously mentioned mixtures. For the ribbon it will be enough to outline with that Tenere Yellow.




  1. The base color for the crystal will be Boreal Green SC-42 mixed with Inktense Violet SC-82.
  2. We will begin to generate the light that passes through the lens addint Merm Green SFG-20 to the previous mix and drawing a crescent moon with the inside poorly defined to give a gradient feeling.
  3. We will light up with a mixture of Merm Green SFG-20 and Goblin Flesh SFG-24.
  4. We outline the edge of the light while we keep illuminating the crescent moon with Goblin Flesh SFG-24 directly.
  5. As almost maximum highlight we will mix Goblin Flesh SFG-24 with Sun Yellow SC-40 to avoid resorting to white and remove saturation.
  6. Outline the crescent moon with Sun Yellow SC-40.
  7. Finally we will outline the area of the lens that was still dark with White SC-01 directly completing in that way the circle of light and making 2 small dots that will be the source point of the light that illuminates the glasses.

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