1. Amelia Steam Basic Processes



  1. Apply a base coat of Resurrection Flesh SFG-14 on the face. For the hair, we will use Tiamat Orange SFG-06 as base color. In this type of large areas is very important to cover well applying several layers if necessary. For the eyes we will use White Sands SC-09 respecting the black line of the outline.
  2. We will make a first highlight on the face applying Flesh Harvester SFG-15 on the nose, cheeks, lips and chin. The hair is shaded with Red Leather SC-30 to give it depth. Draw the iris of the eyes with Deep Blue SC-55.
  3. As a final highlight on the face we use Moonray Flesh SFG-17 on lips, chin, forehead, cheekbones and eyelids. Using Black SC-00 we draw first the pupil and over it we use White SC-01 to represent the sparkle of light and with Adriatic Blue SC-15 we illuminate the iris towards the bottom.




Shirt and boots

  1. Use Red Leather SC-30 as base coat for shirt and boots
  2. The first highlight will be made with Blood Red SC-36 for shirt and boots.
  3. Finally, use Mars orange SC-39 for the shirt last highlight shirt and Birch SC-25 for boots.


  1. Apply Ardenes Green SC-45 as base coat for the jacket, Brown Leather SC-31 for the leather straps and Thar Brown SC-61 for the middle of the corset
  2. Using Walnut SC-29 we apply the first highlight for the jacket. With a little bit of Iroko SC-27 highlight the leather and with Nacar SC-02 the middle of the corset.
  3. Outlining with Iroko SC-27 we finish the jacket, Birch SC-25 for leather straps and White SC-01 for the middle of the corset.


  1. The base color for the trouser is Eclipse Grey SC-16.
  2. With Antarctic Gray SC-04 try to draw the lines on the pants. If you make a mistake, you can correct it using the Eclipse Grey SC-16 to “erase”
  3. Use Rainy gray SC-60 to illuminate the stripes.




  1. Use Black Leather SC-32 as base color for the cap, Brown Leather SC-31 for the googles and Gobi Brown SC-12 for the ribbon.
  2. The first highlight will be done with Brown Leather SC-31 on the cap, respecting the upper edges, no matter if it does not cover well all the surface because it is leather. For the googles use Orange Leather SC-28 as highlight color, also respecting the edges. For the ribbon, use Iroko SC-27 respecting the edges and making some scratches.
  3. As maximum highlight for the cap we will stain the light areas with Orange Leather SC-28 respecting the edges again. For the googles, we will use Mars Orange SC-39. For the ribbon, we will use Tenere Yellow SC-10 to outlining.




  1. As the firelight comes from within, this time we will start backwards, with the highlights. Apply a basecoat layer of highlight with White SC-01, followed by a second layer of Sol Yellow SC-40 leaving visible a little white at the origin.
  2. We will continuing dimming the fire this time with Mars Orange SC-39 by the bottom of the flame covering more and more as we go lower.
  3. For what it would be the less hottest part of the fire we will use Antares Red SC-37 following the Mars Orange SC-39 and using Gobi Brown SC-12 for the smoke.

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