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Introducing… Danielle

Hello everyone! Today we introduce you the latest addition to the Smog Riders team … the beautiful Danielle !! (Applause)

ask_danielle BIEN

Danielle will be responsible to answer your queries and painting doubts about Smog Riders and will be more than willing to help you improve your level of painting. How can Danielle help specifically?

 – Do you have any questions about the instructions or do you consider that some explanations are confused?
Some text may not be as accurate as it should be, if you see that any explanation can be improved tell Danielle and together we’ll improve the processes quality.

 – Questions about mixtures for specific colors?
Danielle has a notebook full of mixtures, if you don’t know how to get a color she can help you. Over time we can create a “cookbook” of colors so all users may have an easy access to them.

 – Do you want to try an alternative color scheme and do not know where to start?
Often the hardest part is not just painting but to decide an harmonious color scheme that brings out the best of the miniature.

 – Are you stuck with an element that is not detailed in the step by step?
In the process there are detailed the most characteristic elements of each figure and it’s probably that there’s something that may be complicated to you and that’s not covered in the explanation.

 – Which is the desirable dilution for a base layer, or a color gradient?
A good dilution for a particular process will reduce the time and improve the final result. Each element has a method that works better than others, Questions? Ask Danielle

 – Need help with painting techniques? What does lighten up a color mean, what is an outlining, a highlight, a shadow …
In the step by step guides there are recurrently references to various techniques of painting. If you are unsure about how to apply them, you can ask Danielle.

 – Are you a newcomer with the pictorial language, do you see words that sound like Klingon?
We know that at first everything may sound strange so if you don’t understand any term don’t hesitate to ask!

Danielle can help you with this and much more. She is ready with her notebook full of mixtures and painting techniques so, you know, go ahead!

You can perform your queries in the comments section of the blog if it is something related to the process or directly write her at

Danielle will choose the most frequent queries and post them on the blog for all to read.

Let’s paint!